Landfill and Infrastructure Services

We provide comprehensive service and support to the solid waste industry, including MSW and C&D Cell construction and closures, as well as Leachate Collection, Gas Collection, and Geosynthetic Liner installation and repair.  We also provide operations maintenance services, including erosion maintenance and daily cover application.

In addition to our more extensive projects, we also provide landfill maintenance services. Our ready-to-respond crews, solid waste experience, and flexible delivery methods can perform work at a fixed cost, daily rate, or T&M. We can create a quarterly or annual budget for specific items, allowing you to forecast your expenses ahead of time rather than waiting until a potential emergency and there are no allocated funds. Allowing our team to handle your emergencies and maintenance will allow you to avoid regulatory non-compliance issues.


Owner | Wake County
Location | Apex, NC

Project Highlights

  • Dirt Moved | 290,975 CY
  • Geosynthetic Liner Installed | 775,500 SF
  • Leachate Piping Installed | 13,670 LF Stone Placed | 10,000+ Tons
  • Solar Flares | 7

Project Size | 18 Acres

Owner |Discovery Oil & Wind Services
Location | Warren County, NC

Project Highlights 

  • Dirt Moved | 350,000 CY
  • Riprap Installed | 6,000 Tons
  • Access Roads Constructed | 12,375 LF
  • Silt Fence Installed | 35,000 LF

Project Size | 330 Acres